Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Day in the Life of Bill

This morning at 20th street, after trying our panna, Bill says to me, "I hope you like whipped cream...... cause this is all they serve in heaven." Bill is everyone's favorite customer over here. You can spot him in any number of cafes around Rittenhouse. The guy carrying around the mini dolly and a cup of coffee. He'll probably be striking up conversation with one of the baristas, or anyone he thinks might be interesting. He loves classical music, but is hip to much of the music us whippersnappers dig. Not because he wants to stay hip, he's just open minded and a cultural sponge. He would describe himself as a jaded old dude, though he is anything but. He is 82, spry as a mountain cat, and one of the coolest guys on the planet.

Bill is always in high spirits, and on the rare occasion he has a complaint, it is always followed by, "it is through pain, that I have learned true understanding." When I thought I'd been poisoned by a group of Colombian rebels, he drew upon his extensive life experience to help me identify the poison sumac I'd encountered. Bill is an artist and a former jewelry maker. You can see some of his beautifully intricate drawings at the Square Peg, a boutique/gallery across the street from our Rittenhouse location. Or you can just ask Emily to see her tattoo.

A large amount of the employees of Capogiro have been here for years. I think It's largely due to the great collection of crazy people that work here, and the folks we meet along the way. Its a great place to come hang out and meet interesting folk over coffee and sweets. Plus......... now we can get booze at 40th street! Headline your own train.

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