Thursday, January 24, 2013

Seriously though, I want a donut.

I'm sort of of two minds about the New Years resolution thing. I mean, on one hand why confine yourself to January to make the changes to your life that you think are probably important? And on the other hand January DOES make for a nice cusp every year.

Regardless, yeah. I'm trying to do the healthier eating thing. Ease up on the meat, modulate the cheese intake a little and, y'know. Carbs. We sell such wicked good carbohydrates! Bagels and croissants and some of the best focaccia around...when you work in a busy cafe and you're spending your days hustling, one of the most satisfying things to grab on the fly is a hunk of bread judiciously slathered with butter and sprinkled with a little sea salt. Barista snacks!

Of course, people can't live on bread alone and all those other hoary aphorisms. I was recently introduced to these things called "fruits." Have you heard of them? All kinds of varieties--bananas and apples and oranges and pomegranates. They're tasty! And apparently "nutritious." I've really been digging our granola coppas lately. Fresh cut fruit, a grip of Pequea Valley yogurt, and a generous sprinkling of our own homemade granola. Obviously great for breakfast, but if you ask us nicely we'll make you one at just about any time of day.

But then we all have that little monster inside of us that wants hot fat and crispy bits and salty goodness. My own inner monster is seriously starting to bellow for fried chicken. Pretty sure it's high time I actually made my way to Federal Donuts. What's the best protocol--get there super early for coffee and a few donuts and then hang out until it's lunchtime and you're hungry for chicken? I shall travel forth and explore and return with my findings. And Sarah's regularly nagging me to go to Fette Sau. Haven't had real barbecue since I was in North Carolina over the summer and my brisket tank is running alarmingly dry.

For now though? Gonna go make myself a scuro and coconut frappe. You should come have one, too!

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