Thursday, January 10, 2013

My increasingly carb-free lifestyle can make a little room for this.

You know how sometimes two things are better when you smoosh them together? I mean, that's definitely one of our priorities. I am still jonesing pretty hard for our Bluecoat and blueberry sorbetto, but that's gonna be a minute obviously. Blood orange will do nicely in the meantime.

(Obligatory mildly odd, perhaps totally unrelated youtube clip that maybe doesn't have much to do with the topic at hand. COMBINATIONS, PEOPLE! Bears and frogs, coming together magically.)

So we get our rippin' good brioche from Au Fournil fresh every morning. Brioche is a sweet bun that's been made way, way better by the addition of all the butter and eggs the dough can stand--pretty much SuperBread. It's of course great on its own with a little warming, and you can't go wrong by using it as a vehicle for debatably appropriate amounts of Nutella or jam. It's the breakfast of lazy video game champions! But then there's us. We're always the ones who stand around, look at all the good stuff we have on hand and think about how we can combine all of those good stuffs into even more good stuff that's maybe greater than the sum of our parts. So, our gelato. It's okay. Y'know. We're pretty proud of it. So here's what we'll do for you: we'll take one of the already stellar brioches, whack it in half, and toast it. And then. THEN. Well, this:
Gelato con Brioche, yeah? I made this one with Cioccolato Scuro, but any of your nuts will do. Or white chocolate, if you're feeling that. Or burnt sugar. Bananas foster wouldn't make me mad. Shoot, it's your dessert. You want to do grapefruit campari sorbetto with it, I'd be delighted to whip it up for you. So. If you're feeling like you're stuck in a rut gelato-wise, there ya go. Wicked!

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  1. Damn you Jay! I will be singing that muppet song for DAYS!