Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Capogiro Fraiche

What’s a Kumquat?

A good question indeed.  One you might soon find yourself asking at the gelato case at 13th street Capogiro.  Creme Fraiche and Honeyed Kumquat Gelato.  First let’s explain the Creme Fraiche.  Here’s Randy Marsh for the explanation:


If that wasn’t clear enough, Creme Fraiche is a type of gourmet sour cream that is sweeter than average.  It has a pH of around 4.5 and contains butterfat, which makes it sweeter than regular American sour cream.  To better understand Creme Fraiche, please follow this link:


Now for Kumquats.  Long cultivated in Asia, Kumquats are basically smaller, sweeter, oranges.  The rinds of normal oranges are normally too bitter to be enjoyed by themselves but the rinds of kumquats are sweeter and even more delicious when honeyed and mixed in with delicious creme fraiche gelato. Keep your eye out for it and grab a sample, it is extremely good.

In other news, BLOOD ORANGE IS BACK!!!  I can’t count how many requests for blood orange sorbetto I have had through the summer and fall.  It is finally here and you can probably expect to see it often.  Other new and interesting flavors include Candied Chestnut gelato and Persimmon sorbetto.

<3 Tori

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