Thursday, January 17, 2013

Gelato is the perfect gift for any occasion.

A little bit about my life. I recently had surgery of the mouth. This has prohibited me from eating like a normal person. While my friends are eating pizza, burgers and Chinese food, I'm ripping up little pieces of bread and having soup. I hadn't had anything exciting and delicious and was beginning to get into a food funk. Then I came into work and saw we had Blood Orange, Spicy Cajun Peanut, Chocolate Ginger and many more of my favorite flavors. Gelato saved my taste buds. After changing my diet to gelato and soup, I realized the only thing I would want as a gift would be more gelato. All of this lead into me thinking of ways to gift gelato. Your friend just moved into an awesome new apartment. Bring a few pints of Cioccolato Scuro and a bottle of wine. Your son sprained his ankle playing soccer. Bring home some Stracciatella and chocolate chip Emergency Cookies. You can make ice cream sandwiches together. The moral of the story is; no matter what life throws you, or who is having a baby or getting a new house, gelato is always a perfect gift.

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