Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Bloody 'Ell This Is Good Sorbetto.

Well it's about that time mates. We've had many folks wondering when we were getting in blood oranges. They are here and they are brilliant! If it's not your cup of tea, which I don't see how it couldn't be, we have golden kiwi to satisfy your fancy fruit cravings. You healthy types would be pleased to know blood oranges are packed with antioxidants and vitamin C. We use Moro blood oranges, which are the brightest and most colorful of the types. We also serve this seasonal delight in juice form. If you are 21, or 18 in England, you should try taking a few pints home and pairing the blood orange sorbetto with a good wheat beer. Did you know if you're between the ages of 5 & 17 in England you can drink with permission from your parent? Any who, come in and indulge yourself with some seasonal delights. Until then, you can watch Dexter doing his daily routine which includes juicing a blood orange. Blood oranges are the bees knees with those vigilante characters. Ta ta for now!

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