Thursday, January 3, 2013

Everyone needs a little nagging round about resolution time

Hey it's the new year! WICKED. It's early and of COURSE it's only now that the cold weather decides to settle in. But didn't I see you at the Mummers the other day? You went, right? I did prettttty firmly suggest that you finally make it to your first Mummers parade. C'mon, don't bail on your resolutions THAT fast! If you resolved to go to the parade this year and didn't make it...I dunno, man. I dunno.

But the beginning of the year is one of the best times around Capogiro way. You know we change our flavors out as the year goes on, and there's really sort of a nice pattern to it. It seems like as we get further past fall and into the holiday season, there are a particular set of flavors that really signify all that--your zucca, your King Leo stracciatella. Cold weather stuff that makes you think of pie and candy canes and spoiling the littler members of your family.

But now we've turned the corner. Know how I know? I've officially heard the first rumor of blood oranges. Best sorbetto ever? Mmmmm...could be. Could be. I might have to hold out for blueberry and Bluecoat Gin, but that's definitely a summer flavor and not at all helping my argument that winter's a solidly awesome time of year for sorbetto. But it is! Now I'm left wondering if we can't do something with Bluecoat and blood orange...

Don't get your hopes TOO high, though. I know we don't yet have our blood oranges yet. Maybe by this weekend? MAYBE. I wouldn't want to make you hollow promises, but trust that we'll be tweeting loud and proud once they show up for real. Follow our twitter feed! @CapogiroPenn has to be the most entertaining frozen aweseomeness-related twitter feed going.

So. You're not already sliding on what you promised yourself, right? Get some momentum going! And if a little espresso is what you need to get moving, well. You know where to find us.

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