Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Gelato that sets you on fire.

Capo13 has been spicing things up behind the case lately.  I’ve heard more than one request for mexican chocolate the past month, and folks, your wish has been granted.  Along with Mexican Chocolate (also known as Cioccolato Messicano) Spicy Cajun Peanut gelato also made an appearance in our gelato case for the first time in a long while.  Both flavors are made with cayenne pepper!!  Who would have thought that gelato could heat you up so much?  

Sorbetto that fights flu season!

Nothing fights sickness better than a good dose of vitamin C!  Capogiro 13 has citrus sorbetto everyday that is made with 100% natural, fresh squeezed citrus!  If you are a morning regular, you might spot one of our kitchen staff at the juicing machine squeezing a ton of citrus.  Guess where all that freshly squeezed juice goes?  Right into our sorbetto.  The maximum health benefits from fruit juice come from freshly squeezed juice, not from some preservative-packed shelf product.

Here’s some more info on the benefits of consuming freshly squeezed juice:
(at Capogiro, we have a Zumex Juicer)

Our sorbetto is made from fresh fruit the morning you enjoy it!  Citrus is packed with vitamins C, A, E, B1, B2, and B6! so come in and order a grande of a citrus sorbetto!

-Tori :)

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