Tuesday, January 29, 2013

This past week has really shown me the dedication that capo customers have to their gelato.  I really can’t believe how many of you were coming in for gelato in 14 degree weather!!!!  We love you all!!  Of course, the really cold customers were coming in for some Tea, Hot Chocolate, Cioccolato Calda, Latte, Cappuccino, Macchiato, Mocha, and Americano!!   We love all of you too!

Some coffee cravers who haven’t been to Capogiro often (or ever) ask the baristi why we don’t offer flavors like Vanilla or Caramel, etc in our specialty drinks.  Folks, they are better without them!! At least, that’s what I think.  I used to drink coffees and tea lattes from other cafes that had flavoring and added sugar.  Ever since I switched to Capogiro coffee and tea, I don’t even enjoy the overly sweetened drinks I used to love from other cafes.  Our drinks have NO added sugar (with the exception of Hot Chocolate, Moka, and Cioccolato Calda, and Espresso Fizz which are typically sweetened with real sugar to cancel out the bitterness of our extra brute cocoa) so that you can choose how sweet you like your drink.  Now if you are like me (a health freak) you don’t add anything except a little honey.  Other people like something a little more exciting, so I made a little something for you.  We have a variety of spices and milks that you might not be aware of but that you can request at any time.  So here’s a list of drinks ordered on the regular by some of Capogiro’s most loyal, most loved customers:

The Crazy Cinnamon Concoction:  2-3 shots of Espresso with a generous amount of cinnamon sprinkled in.  Smells and tastes delicious and the kick it gives you can kick start any workout :P

The CioccoLATTE:  This drink seems to be a family tradition among a couple of Capogiro regulars!!  A regular latte mixed with a whole lot of cocoa shaken on top.  Looks beautiful and has that wonderful bitter chocolate after-note.

The Caffeinated Soy Queen: This regular loves her drink iced, not matter how cold outside it is.  She gets an iced three shot latte with soy milk every week!  Not many are aware that we can make ANY drink with soy instead of dairy.

The Cayenne Coffee:  Another beloved regular of Capogiro likes to spice things up now and then by adding some cayenne pepper to his coffee!  This is a drink that makes scalding hot coffee even hotter!  Definitely try it if you love spicy foods.

The Chai-spresso: A large chai tea with two shots of espresso!! A little on the wild side for coffee and tea lovers alike!!

Thanks to you wonderful regulars for creating these drinks!!


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