Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Why the Wintertime Isn't That Bad

The wintertime, albeit cold and miserable, is a special time that offers its own unique gifts. Here's just a few:

Persimmon sorbetto! It doesn't get any better than this, people. It's hard to believe it's dairy free. They're a peculiar fruit, looking like a squat orange tomato. Did you know Mitchell, Indiana has an annual Persimmon Festival? Wild! Maybe I can save up my tips for a field trip to the Midwest.

Blood Orange sorbetto! (See previous blog entry. Enough said...)

King Leo Stracciatella! Classic Italian chocolate chip gelato with fresh peppermint and hand-crushed peppermint candies. One of our more labor-intensive flavors, but well worth it! It may make an encore appearance by popular demand before winter is through. (Hint hint: call us and ask for it!)

I know, I know, you're asking yourself "Frozen treats in the winter?" Pish posh, lucky for you we keep it a cozy 71° inside our cafes.

Hot Apple Cider! Locally pressed, of course. Spiked with Vietnamese Cinnamon and steamed ever so delicately by your loving barista.

Mochas! We serve this chocolatey espresso drink year-round, but it's more fun to drink them during the cold, dark days. Don't forget a generous dollop of whipped cream!

Soup! Our homemade peasant-style soup is one of the best parts of working for Capo. With an ever-changing variety of hearty freshly made soups, lunch is never boring!

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