Thursday, January 14, 2010

Creative Cat Strikes.

Droppin' it like it's hot

 Dearest Barista Katy has some clever concoctions to share:

So, you came into the cafe earlier in the day, in a rush and ready for a steamy hot coffee to go. You couldn't resist the gelato and in a haste took home a few pints for later. Now it's after dinner and you're ready to cozy up on the couch, turn on Jersey Shore (or whatever else your guilty pleasure programming may be), and finish off those pints with a spoon. But wait! A sudden burst of creativity hits you (no thanks to Jersey Shore, I'm certain) and you realize : this could be something more. What else could this gelato BE? Don't get me wrong, gelato is, on its own, a wonderful treat, but when you're confronted with mass amounts of the cold stuff daily as we baristi are, sometimes you just want to jazz it up a little. Here are some of my faves:

Life is messy sometimes.
Root Beer Float: Easy enough, you can get some yummy local root beers at the Reading Terminal Market. A generous helping of fior di latte on top adds to any float!

Capo-style Banana Split: Bananas are tasty but if we're going to do it right, let's use plantains. Fry plantains with brown sugar and add a little mascarpone gelato to the dish. Sprinkle with cinnamon.

Booze It Up: many of the gelati and sorbetti we make have a little liquor in them already, especially in the wintertime. But you're at home and weary after a hard day's work, there's no reason why you shouldn't add more. Call it your personal happy hour. Throw some blood orange sorbetto and as much tequila as you see fit in a blender, add a
little umbrella, crank up the heat, and pretend it's not 15° outside. Or maybe a little vodka to the white chocolate and kahlua for a white Russian that Lebowski would approve of?

Coconut Creme Pie: I've actually never tried this, but a customer once bought 3 pints of Thai Coconut Milk with aspirations to turn it into some kind of pie. As Thai Coconut Milk is one of my ultimate favorite flavors, this notion excited me greatly. If you have the recipe for this please let me know ASAP.

There you go. Those are only a few things to do for your at-home gelato fix. I'm sure I've merely chipped the tip of iceberg - there's certainly plenty more to be discovered!

Any you'd like to share?

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