Friday, January 15, 2010


You may have noticed that occasionally there is a kid or two mentioned with a pic on this blog. I am a working mom. I have three amazing kids who drive me nuts, while balancing gelato and a business, which drives me insane. I enjoy chaos, obviously! I thrive in it. So yesterday, amid a ton of wholesale, the broken heat at my house, two futsal games to drive to, and a broken valve on the homogenizer, I tried to get to the MLS Superdraft being held at the Philadelphia Convention Center. Yes, I watch a ton of professional soccer. We record the games and watch them when we can. I will be honest, we prefer Serie A. You have no idea what I am talking about, do you?! Serie A is the top Italian soccer league. AC Milan is our favorite team. My son can give you any information on just about any team. So if you find yourself awake in the middle of the night and cannot remember the Spanish team that Ibrahimovic transferred to, just shoot me a note and I will ask Manny. (Barcelona from Inter)

My kids play a lot of soccer. We have traveled to Brazil for soccer and one summer, the boys played in Italy. We are serious! So, when Philly was awarded a MLS team, we were thrilled!!!

Philadelphia is an amazing sports city. Forget the whole Santa tale, it's been twisted and changed and just sounds good. The true story is boring. Philly holds its teams in high esteem and hold it to greatness. You have to appreciate that trait. Philadelphia shows up during the good and bad times and it is exhilarating to attend a game. Any game and 2010 is a big year! I have a really good feeling about this year. It started when A.I. returned home. I have hoped for his return since the day he left for Denver. Thanks for coming home baby! I can really go on a rant of my views about the Sixers or the Birds, but I won't. It's a happy day. I am going to go buy my scarf and look at my seating chart AGAIN!

Alas, I never made it to the Convention Center. I did consistently update the MLS Draft page on ESPN on my phone. This is so exciting!! Congratulations Philly! GO UNION!

From a Soccer Mom (It hurts to see that in print)

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