Monday, January 4, 2010

Barista on Barista, cont.

Oh, Fernando.. I can remember when he was a new kid on the block. He wasn't always mustache-clad with guitar strapped on his back. But with the help of gelato's secret powers, he evolved into the man we know today. I was one of the lucky few to sit him down and pick his brain.

Ryan: How long have you been here?

Fernando: Going on two years in March.

R: What do you like best about working here?

F: I'd say that the best thing about working here is unlimited access to cioccolato scuro. (And I have to agree, dark chocolate, you are a force to reckon with)

R: What's your all time fave flavor and why?

F: Sweet potato pecan praline, because it tastes like Thanksgiving on a spoon.

R: You always come hand in hand with your guitar. Why is that?

F: I never know who I'll meet while working. I like to bring it around, because I close a lot, and we're near a lot of open mic nights. I like to go after work.

R: Where do you like to play?

F: Doc Watson's, Fergies, Time occasionally. When it's warmer, I play outside, like Rittenhouse Square. (I've been swooned by his guitar in warm summer weather before. It's lovely. And if you walk in when Seal's "Kissed By A Rose" comes on, prepare for a full-out breakdown of his power.)

R: As Capogiro's "Ladies' Man," what would you suggest a gent has a lady try to seduce her? What flavor and why?

F: I'd say Mexican chocolate. It's spicy, muy caliente. It has flavor, adds intensity to any relationship, and chocolate is an aphrodisiac.

R: Lastly, what's your sweet 'stache say about you?

F: I'm eccentric. I have a flare for dramatics, and I enjoy the fashion of the 19th century. (Riiiiiight)

Well, there it is. A venture to the belly of the beast. Until next time, this is R2 with Barista on Barista.

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