Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What Do You Want?

Every now and then I find myself asking if this is really my life? Making gelato when it is freezing outside!?!?! Then I pinch myself, look at my family and smile. Even when my dumb dogs are in sight. Don't send me hate mail. If you had any clue how dumb (and sweet) they are, you would not blame me for hating on them on occasion.

Last year I was speaking to one of my Amish farmers (on a cell phone - ahem.) He mentioned that it was the beginning of the 7 Weeks of Want. How intoxicating! Seven Weeks of Want? Yes, the seven weeks when everything stops growing and nothing new will arrive or be harvested. How incredibly beautiful. We have entered the Wanting.... That is what is wrong with me. People still eat gelato when it is cold outside and my dogs are always this dumb. I have just entered the Want.

What do you want? The Fall starts beautifully with pears, apples, and squash. The Winter sashays in with black walnuts, chestnuts, persimmons, blood oranges and exquisite citrus. No want. I am satisfied.

We have entered Want. What do you want? What do you crave? What do you need? I don't need strawberries...not yet. I don't want honeysuckle...not yet.

What do you Want? Two cute dogs, maybe?


  1. La Regina, (and we all know who you are), you write the most wonderful, funny and creative articles! I always look forward to reading them each day. You can add this talent to all of your others (and you've shared plenty of them). Please keep at it! By the way, the Capo site has grown enormously. I hope many of your fans are enjoying it as much as I am. Good work! I have a big, yellow dog...he pulls me everywhere. Greta

  2. Awww Greta! Marry me! You just made my day! (it was a doozy) idea. Thanks fellow Dog Hater! We need to stick together.