Friday, January 15, 2010

Barista-On-Barista: Dawne B.

Yes. It's that time. Again... Time to get to know your 13th street Capogiro baristi!! Today you'll get to know Dawne B. through Nelson H.'s eyes:

If there is one person at Capo that will make you smile simply by existing, that would be Dawne B. Her timid yet dominant stature could overcome any Capo situation with the superior charismatic elegance and dexterity in the field of coffee and gelato that a barista should possess. Her bright smile and warm persona also makes working with her a spiritually transcending experience, which is to assume that she is in fact, Goddess herself.

In the busy Capo summer you may very well see her executing precision dance moves in a line of other Capo workers to such music as M.I.A. or Kitchen Syncopators. Don’t think that would stop her from proudly serving you delicious gelato, adroitly pouring a cup of coffee, and effortlessly steaming milk while attempting to do a back flip to Jimmy Eat World because her multitasking skills are crazy tight. In the raging sea of people that flows into Capo you can always rest assured that when you got Dawne on board the sky is the limit, but you can bet that when the Seasonal Solstice is underway you can probably find her dancing in a drum circle and raising her eyes to the Stars.
by Nelson H.

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