Sunday, January 17, 2010

...and you didn't think we'd notice

There's been rumors flying around about how to become customer of the day, for a while now and I'd like to put them to rest. You don't need the right connections, a black card, or even a secret handshake. (Though there is one.) Just be yourself.

I mean, you love gelato.

We love gelato.

You make us laugh; we make you smile.

Remember that time you were telling us that story of the invading unicorns or how we all saw that car catch on fire or... oh wait there was that one time you got so excited about combining fig and honey that you gave yourself a gelato moustache and we had to tell you before you left...

That was funny.

We like you just because you are who you are.
So don't stop.... or we'll tell the robots to attack you.

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