Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Yes, I just screamed that. Why!?!! WHY!!! Because I need y'all to stop emailing me about seeing blood oranges at the grocery store or having a lovely snappy blood orange martini at the bar. I am also talking to you, baristi! I know you want your fix. Need your fix. Do y'all realize that the blood orange juice in your cocktail probably came from a box?!?! GRRROOOSSSSS! Blech. Okay. Breathe. I am much calmer now. My apologies for spitting.

We have a silly rule at Capo: we will serve no fruit (blood oranges, in this case) until it is time. We had a case before the holidays that tasted like, well, like lighter fluid. No joke. Lighter fluid. What was up with that? How is that possible? We just won't do it. So sorry. But today is a glorious day! Thomas has found delicious blood oranges at the docks. The flesh is not the darkest, but give it time, my friends.

I know, I know. I lectured y'all about eating seasonally with my truffle brag and then I yell at you for being excited about a colossally delicious fruit. I am not good, but I have good intentions. Lyle Lovette said that. He's a genius.

Bloods will be in the cafes in the next two days. Send me the love.....sorry for yelling. I am excited too.

P.S. I love the Capogirians. Hounding me for blood....so cute.

UPDATE: Lorenzo's brother solved the mystery of the lighter fluid oranges. Alessandro says, "Quelle troppo acerbe (di solito si raccolgono un po' indieto di maturazione) si sverdiscono con etilene, poi si trattano con cere per renderle piu' brillanti e resistenti alle manipolazioni."

OF COURSE! They (meaning mass market farmers) harvest oranges a bit early so they can travel; if then they are too green, they turn them orange by rubbing them with ethylene..
Then the oranges are waxed to be more resistant..

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