Thursday, April 18, 2013

I mean, why WOULDN'T we make tomato sorbetto?

Let's just all agree: tomatoes are fruit(s). They are! So are green beans, eggplants, and cucumbers! Look, I'm not a botanist, I just know it has something to do with ovaries. And there's only so much I know about ovaries. But if the internet says that tomatoes are fruit(s), then that's what I'm going with. The internet is never, ever wrong! So if they're fruit, then we should make sorbetto out of them, right? Well. We have. And we did! It's here right now! Today we actually whirled it together with orange, so it looks a little like this (actually it looks exactly like this since I just took the picture):

So maybe you're one of those less adventurous eaters and now you're giving me the side-eye. But c'mon, give it a shot. It's totally dessert; we wouldn't fake you out like that. It is a LITTLE savory, but it's mostly sweet and has an awesome, unexpected funk to it. (I like funk in most forms. Yes, I've spent some time touring with Phish, and you can work out all those implications for yourself. Multitudinous varieties of funk on Phish tour. But I'm digressing.)

So we'll keep coming up with flavors you're totally not going to find anywhere else. All you have to do is come eat 'em.

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