Tuesday, April 2, 2013

CapoCrack! (AKA Caramel Popcorn)


Here’s a couple of adorable customers enjoying the beautiful weather this past weekend on Easter Sunday!  And what are the attractive looking products in front of them???

CAPO GRANOLA is back by popular demand!  We haven’t had it around for a while at 13th St, but I think it’s back to stay.  It is the same house-made granola that we use for our delicious Granola Coppas that are sold in the morning.  (pictured on the right)

CAPO CRACK (not the official name, its just what I call it) is a delicious salty, sweet mix of crunchy popcorn  heaven, mixed with flavored peanuts. Seriously, this stuff is AMAZING.
(pictured on the left)

BRITTANY SALTED CARAMEL LOLLIPOPS  well these aren’t new but I am amazed at how few customers notice them by the register.  I crave these salty sweet pops all the time, and they are so good to break up and sprinkle into coffee.  They are less than a dollar each folks, so give them a lick!!

Let's hope the weather stays beautiful!

<3 Tori

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