Friday, April 12, 2013

Work? No, today's gonna be a holiday

The inevitable, unforgiving rain of Philadelphia strikes again. But, Friday nights aren't forever and we shouldn't treat them as such. Monday and Tuesday, you really shone and we're all very proud of you. This Tuesday being my day off, I splurged in a most excellent bike ride - stopping here and there and remembering what Philly is all about. Taking a break to peruse some monthly reading matter, not to mention a refresher and a giggle on pop culture, I saw my favorite leading lady on the cover of Vanity Fair! Her Dolce Vita! The article contained candid photos of her trips to Rome of Audrey in all her simple-chic glory. Of course, I am no princess, but I couldn't help being engulfed in a similar feeling as her Roman Holiday. And, coincidentally enough, later that day I stopped by AIDS Thrift to find a VHS copy. 
The first thing she did with her newfound
freedom was to buy a pair of Roman sandals.
Then she went to the barber's for a pixie cut.
And then she bought herself a gelato.
Simple pleasures all, but as a princess
on the lam in 1953's Roman Holiday, an
unknown actress named Audrey Hepburn
made these pleasures indelible.

Gelato, too? I am so glad to hear you say it.

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