Thursday, April 11, 2013

We're gittin' this show on the road again.

Judging by how many of you came out to see us in the cafe on Tuesday, you're all pretty clearly aware that this winter has finally--FINALLY--ended. MAN that took a minute, didn't it? It was super warm and nice on Tuesday and it seemed like everyone in West Philly had themselves a welcome, well-deserved sunshine freak-out.

But WE'RE excited because warm weather means that we can get our gelato out and about and go explore new neighborhoods where maybe you folk who don't find yourselves downtown often enough can get your hands on some of our wicked good frozen whatnots. And we've got two--two!--events this weekend!

First up on Saturday is the StrEAT Food Festival in Manayunk. Main Street flings its doors open! Or...welcomes you to sidle up to a food cart and/or truck or tent, as the case may be. There'll be tacos and Thai and shopping and live music. And it kicks off Manayunk's Restaurant week, so maybe you'll find something there that'll entice you to head back for some ripping good deals over the few days following? 11:00-5:00 all along the length of Main Street. Just look for the line of people waiting patiently at our big blue cart.

Then Sunday it's the Philly Farm and Food Fest in the Convention Center Annex from 11:00-4:00. We had a great time at this one last year and are for sure excited to do it again. The whole idea is that the Fest brings together all the regional farmers and food producers we can fit under one roof for your shopping delight. Lots and lots and lots of food of course, but also a variety of people who can share ways for us all to be living and eating and buying more sustainably and locally. It's right up our alley.

There's a caveat, though! Advance tickets are going fast, and you can only buy them through midnight tomorrow--meaning the window closes at 11:59 Friday night (because I always get a little confused when we start talking about midnight). Tickets will be available at the door but A> they're cheaper in advance and B> why take a chance on getting shut out? Plus if we know how many of you are coming we know exactly how many spoons to bring and we can count them out. Not really. That would be a fairly strange thing to obsess over.

Will there be more events for us this year? Will you have even MORE opportunities to see our shiny faces in new and fancy places? Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmaybe. Could be. It's certainly not out of the question. But I'm feeling a little non-committal today, so I'm not tellin' for now. So come see us this weekend!

DEAR SPRING: I'm a little mad you took so long getting here, but I'm sure glad you finally did! Let's point our speakers out the window and play some Dead.

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