Wednesday, April 10, 2013

New & exciting things at Capo!

Within the past months you've most likely noticed a mass amount of baked goods staring at you by the register. These are there to satisfy you & make me hungry anytime I ring someone up. I could probably eat the vegan banana-date bread until my body shut down due to lack of bacon, but there's something else I want to talk about.

Capogiro caramel corn. I like to call it "crack jacks" because once I start eating it, I can't stop until the bag is finished. This is a newer item we've started making & it should not be passed up. It's great to share as a gourmet movie treat. Also, don't feel bad buying it for just yourself.

Make sure to look out for this next time you stop in. Since you probably don't know what it looks like, I've hired Samus to model with the caramel corn.

Just an added reminder, WE HAVE GRANITA! It's so exciting I went all caps. I have been experimenting with combinations & so far the coffee granita with burnt sugar gelato is the winner. Closely followed by lemon granita con panna. And we don't skimp with our whipped cream.

Now you have two reasons to stop by. Three if you count how nice it is outside. So do it.

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