Thursday, April 25, 2013

If it fits, I sits.

Like many other people living in a large metropolis, you may find yourself looking for a good hang out spot. Enter Capogiro 20th street. We have all the key factors to qualify as a good spot to chill. Some examples for you:

Fresh gelato every day. And sorbetto of course. We also have granita now if you feel like mixing it up. If you're double fisting a drink, get a cone! It's delicious and makes you feel young again.

An assortment of other non-gelato treats. Fresh baked goods like carrot cake, peanut butter brownies and cookies. All of our panini are made daily, and there's something to satisfy everyone.

La Colombe coffee served all the time. Start with a mug of Corsica. Then maybe bump it up to a double cappuccino or latte. Perhaps finish with an affogato. This is somewhat of an often thing or me.

Cozy seating indoors and outdoors. I like to sit at a table and stare at people sometimes. (This location is great for people watching.)

Free WiFi. I know 60% of your time is working on your thesis, or coding a game you're creating. But the other 40% is watching cat videos or people hurting themselves in silly ways. "Let's be honest." -VP

And most importantly, a great staff. We love hanging out too. Interacting with customers and developing relationships is the best perk for us. There is a reason we have so many great regulars.

If this somehow isn't enough to convince you how great it is here, then come on and prove me wrong. You will leave in a good mood. Just look how great we are!

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