Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Some days I miss my busy-as-all-heck-when's-the-last-time-I-ate-oh-my-god-what-time-is-it?! shifts at CapoPenn. Well, I should say, I miss finishing my shift.  Having a full bar there meant taking a load off the moment I could, somewhat sadistically, pass said load to Jay. (miss ya, boss!)  If you don't already know, Penn has a beautiful bar, serving traditional cocktails, AND they'll let you get creative with the gelati and sorbetti of the day. Oh and there's beer and wine, too. My drink of choice was always something simple and more often than not involved Campari.  And it really was just ONE drink.  No Girls Gone Wild try-outs at work!  Now there's no bar here at 20th, but of course we have one of Capo's signature sorbetti, Grapefruit Campari, in heavy rotation. Eating the whole pan is probably not analogous to drinking a Campari and soda, but I'm not against trying it!  Oh, and yes that is a Campari ad with Penelope Cruz and a lot of cats.

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