Thursday, March 28, 2013

Further adventures in fruit!

So, you know. There's us. We go to great lengths to make sorbetto and gelato out of the more obscure fruits out there, like rambutan and cherimoya. I gotta tell ya though...mamey sapote, like we have in now? Ranging pretty far afield, for sure. Here's what they look like!

Indigenous to southern Mexico, they've been transplanted all over the tropics of the western hemisphere. Some people say they're a little sandpapery on the outside, I think they're more like coconuts with a shave. That's just me though, and I'm not the guy to ask for shaving tips.

What do they taste like (assuming you haven't been in yet to taste them in frozen form)? They' Tough to explain, they've definitely got their own thing going on. Definitely complex. There's for sure some apricot in there, but in terms of fruit I get (this is just me) some mango and papaya. But then you've got some chocolate in there, and some almond/nuttiness going on...Yeah. Complex. You'll just have to come in to taste it and then tell US what you think it tastes like. The texture though, before we get our hands on it and magic it into a frozen delight? Custardy and smooth...a little like avocado, but a little more fibrous in a good way.

This is an old, old fruit. People have been making ice cream out of them for a long time, so it's a natural for us. But also milkshakes and smoothies, so we'll make you an awesome frappe with them (maybe with a shot of rum? Or tequila? HmmmmmmMMMMM? BRB, spiked frappe).

And the mangoes are back and growing strong, and I know how much you love them. Would mamey sapote and mangoes make a good combination? Why I think they would be quite nice together, yes. Of course, you'd need to strike that lucky, lucky day when one of our stores has them both on hand...which shouldn't be all that hard to do. You...y'all do know how easy it is to track what flavors we all have in our stores on any given day, right? Just head to our website, we update it every day. So now you know!

And all in all, even if the weather STILL ISN'T WHAT IT SHOULD BE (it's true, I'm starting to get a little nutsy about it), we can pretend. Tropical fruits, drinks with rum in them, hot-weather music...yeah. We're gonna get there, people!

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