Thursday, March 21, 2013

Want a lick? SIKE.

Listen, I'm not the world's biggest basketball fan--today's obviously the first day of the NCAA Men's tournament (mega-ultra-snnnnnnzzzzzzzkkkkk-yawn) and I won't really pay any attention to the NBA until the playoffs start in another couple of weeks ( LeBron James. He might really be that good, huh?). But this...this is pretty great:

The telestration and play-by-play is in itself seriously funny, and the throwback to Eddie Murphy at the end is just the panna on top of an awesome bit of improv (I hope you get the reference--we're a family blog, and Eddie's bit is predictably a bit too raw to post here).

But this guy. THIS GUY. Have to admire him. I mean, that's a high-risk maneuver right there. "Ennnnnhhhhhh here you goNOPE." His girl's reaction? Chock full of "NO YOU DID NOT JUST." But can you blame him? Can you imagine if he had a big ol' cone of our mint stracciatella instead of that weirdly, unnaturally green, sub-par "mint chip" nonsense? (Let's be honest, the food at stadiums isn't ever that great.) At the risk of mixing sports, I dare say he might have given her a stiffarm to the grill to protect his scoops from her wee spoon.

But of course he ends up sharing. Of course! Because in the end, he's a nice guy. Though if it were me, I wouldn't share unless I was working on a pint of gelato. Alright. Maybe a grande. But less than that? A medio isn't family style dining. Know what I mean?

It's gonna get warm soon, right? And then we can all go outside and play?

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