Thursday, March 14, 2013

We're almost there, right?

Someone somewhere down the line in CapoHistory someone must have decided that the shift to Daylight Saving Time (saving not savings, people) in the spring was a pretty good cusp for unleashing all of our warm weather traits. No worries! I'm firmly on board. But you know we're gearing up for the hotness because Capo13 and Capo20 are open an hour later into the night and CapoYunk is back to full-time, seven-day-a-week operations. Huzzah! 'Course, we never really change our hours here at CapoPenn. Open early, open late, pretty much just always open. We like it that way!

And it's funny, I actually had a bit of a revelation a few days ago. In light of how lame the winters have been since I came back east (just in time to miss all the fun y'all had the winter of '09-'10), I've pretty much come around to thinking that, if we're not going to get anything like a decent blizzard in any given year, I might as well embrace the warm months. Don't scoff! This is a major shift for me! After a few years living in northern Vermont, you really learn to revel in the cold. It's a defense mechanism really. If, as we had one year I was there, you're not going to see positive temperatures from Christmas to Valentine's Day, you'll drive yourself nuts if you gnash your garments and rend your teeth despairing about your chapped lips and cracked knuckles.

But I was riding home from work a couple of days ago while it was still light out and I had this brain fart about sitting in my friend's back yard in a hammock drinking a beer at 8:30 on one of those sticky summer nights. seemed kind of nice! And then I mentally slipped back into freezing my face off in the early March bike-breeze. We're definitely not that warm yet. I was cleaning up my house the other day and was torn--should I pack away my snow boots yet? On one hand I haven't at all needed them this winter, really. On the other hand it seems like tempting fate if I DO put them away. Murphy's Law and all that, y'know?

But we're right around the corner, people! On the downside, that means that the blood oranges' days are numbered. On the plus side though, rumor is that mangoes are starting to show up in the stores. And if it's getting warmer out, that means we're heading into event season! Big doin's going on there, so keep an eye on this space for announcements of where you can find your walkin' around gelato.

So! Just a couple of more months until we can all go back to complaining about the relentless, stifling, misery-making heat. Who doesn't love the smell of Philly in the summer?!

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