Friday, March 22, 2013

Pope Francis says relax & have an espresso

Sure, all the wind-kissed faces on E.Passyunk of late have been imparting to me "Oh, it's too cold for gelato" such and such. A single tear rolls down a cheek as eyes glance up toward our list of flavors. I'll then witness the tundra clad patrons sneak a peek or three at our Cadillac of an espresso machine. The Victoria Arduino Venus Century is literally one in a hundred and deserves to be gawked at. Have you heard the Pope has the first in the edition? It must be a mighty fine day when you are granted the hat of the papacy. So along with being the head of church and monarchy affair, he gets to use this puppy, in fact. So please, don't fret, South Philly - the shots are a-flowin' and the temperature in CapoYunk is fine (a warm 22°C [72°F]) Cheers!

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