Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Spring Cleaning!!

Finally the worst of the weather seems to be fading and Capogiro is undergoing a major spring cleaning!!!  Please excuse us if you see us scrubbing down the store extra hard, we want it to be sparkling for the coming summer season :) This past week or so has seen some truly beautiful weather, and some truly enthusiastic gelato-craving customers as well!  

The staff is thrilled to be leading into gelato season with a ton of exciting new products.  I have already mentioned our new line of CAPOcakes, but may I introduce something even better??  GELATO SANDWICHES!! I know you all have been missing the cookies we used to sell but mourn no longer because not only do we have a variety of tasty new CAPOcookies, we are also making sandwiches out of them!!  I have already spent most of my extra cash this past Saturday night tasting the new cookies.  My recommendation??  Chocolate Chip Cookies con Stracciatella. Believe me, you need to try every combination possible of cookie and gelato.  They are all so delicious.

We’re not only bringing new products to the table but new attitudes!! We have a bunch of lovely new additions to the staff, who you will undoubtedly be charmed by.  All the staff (old and new) at Capo13 look forward to spending the coming warm weather with our wonderful customers (old and new) and with our summer flavors.

Keep your eyes peeled, Mango and Peach sorbetti are closer than they have been all year ;)
Also keep an eye out for our kicking iced coffee and freshly brewed iced teas!!

<3 Tori

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