Thursday, April 12, 2012

Better know a nut: PEANUT TIME.

It's totally true that I'm pretty obsessed with any gelato involving our peanut butter. But c'mon, have you ever really CONSIDERED a peanut?

>>Fine, let's be pedantic. A peanut is not technically a nut. It's a legume, so it's more closely related to soybeans, peas, and your run-of-the-mill green bean. (Green Bean's friends roll their eyes when she calls herself "Haricot Vert." SO affected.)

>>Peanuts are one of them fancy New World crops! Currently the best guess is that they're native to somewhere around Peru.

>>Much to Jimmy Carter's dismay, the US is only the THIRD leading producer of peanuts. We're being outstripped by China and India. Hey! That's OUR nut!

>>Peanut allergies are no laughing matter! Somewhere between one and two percent of the American population has a peanut allergy, which is kind of a lot of people. As always, at Capogiro we promise to call an ambulance to come treat your anaphylactic shock BEFORE we poke you with a stick. We've got big hearts like that.

>>Other names for the peanut: ground nuts, goober peas, pygmy nuts, and monkey nuts.

>>Occasionally your CapoCrew grows concerned that the kitchen staff may have added too much peanut butter to the gelato. Typically we remedy this by picking all the peanut butter out of the gelato and eating it.

Hey speaking of peanuts? Gonna eat some Sunday. At a Phillies game! With my mom. Hooray first game of the season with Mom! Beeteedubs, you're totally reading this bolg from time to time, right?

Looking like the first hot weekend of the year. Guessing the chances are good we'll see you, huh?

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