Thursday, April 12, 2012

Travels Down South

Hi folks! It's been an awesome week for me, but I'm glad to be back in Philadelphia. I spent the past few days back home in Richmond, VA, spending time with some of my dearest friends and catching up. In case you big city people are wondering what us small town kids like to do for fun, I've compiled a brief photo journal of my trip. People in Virginia like to...

Play music. I spent several hours of my trip singing and playing the guitar. I was fortunate enough to be playing the wedding of two of my closest friends. Although their song choices were a bit cliche, it was an honor to be a part of their ceremony.

Ride horses. The wedding took place at one of my pals' English riding school, and there were horses everywhere. Behind the scenes, horses could be spotted pouring champagne and eating bits of fruit off the buffet. These two horses were implemented in the ceremony itself, and the brides rode off into the sunset. So sweet.

Hang with babies and get tattoos. Sadly, this baby did not get a tattoo. I did. I thought that his moms would not like it if I returned him with a Sailor Jerry tattoo on his foot. Notice his amazing armadillo stuffed animal. The kid doesn't go anywhere without it.

Amazingly, there is really good coffee in Virginia! If you're ever in Richmond, ask me where to go for a good cup of joe. Other than drink coffee and tattoo babies, I also enjoyed a couple amazing bonfires, a hootenanny, and a lovely walk by the river.

There is absolutely no good gelato in Richmond, however. Just for kicks, I tried a couple of samples at a new place in the trendy Carytown disctrict. Yeghh.. It's SO nice to be home in the land of serious artisanal gelato and tasty treats.

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