Friday, April 20, 2012

Herbal lore

A guide on the medicinal properties of a few of my favorite ingredients and proving the (*cough* source-less) source of my awesome immune system and great hair.
Rosemary; Rosemary-Honey-Goat's Milk,
  • to chew it will "keep thy teeth from all evils."
  • to smell it regularly would "keep thee youngly."
  • to wear a crown of it ails "the stuffing of the head that commeth through the coldness of the brain."

Cardamom; Orange Cardamom
  • to chew would "cast 'way the foulest odour."
  • to drink in tea "soothes the turbulence of thee minds."
Basil; Sweet Basil!
  • to apply to hair as an oil causes blood to "give feast to worn'd and age'd lock."
Mint; Local Mint, Mint Stracciatella, Pineapple Mint, Mint Julep
  • to ingest would treat "the giddiness of indigestion."
  • to apply oil to the temples ails the "feel of minnows gnawing."
  • to tie to the wrist would prevent "an evil casting the hex of fatigue and infection."

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