Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Bad Wolf

As summer approaches, I look back at the time since last summer. It has been unseasonably warm, we have lost and gained some great employees, we were named Number 1 Ice Cream in THE WORLD by National Geographic, the Cybermen started global warming, famous people have come into the shops and we have gotten a lot closer as a happy gelato family. This spring and summer a lot of great things are happening. Danny Meyer's Shake Shack is opening up catty corner to us. (I sense some burger/gelato trades in the works...) Rhubarb Sorbetto is coming back to us to prove that it was not sent to Earth by Davros and his evil Daleks minions to kill us all. (only the leaves are murderous) Another exciting fruit coming later in the summer is the blueberry! A favorite of Tardis lovers everything. Try the Blueberry Thyme Sorbetto.  Get it? Blue and thyme? Time Lords love that joke. Lastly, make sure you mark the entire month of June on your calender for a good time to come into Capogiro. STRAWBERRIESSSSSS! Everyone loves strawberries. (unless you're allergic, which I apologize for gloating about them if you are)

Try these companions favorite strawberry combos:
Sarah Jane Smith and K-9 like Strawberry Yogurt with Fior di Latte
Rose Tyler likes Fragola(strawberry) con Panna with Cioccolato Scuro
Jack Harkness looooves Fragola con Tequila (with tequila on the side)

So come and try all of our seasonal spring and summer flavors before it's too late...

By Caitlin

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