Thursday, April 5, 2012

It's so good I've already finished it.

Wouldja loogit that? That, friends and neighbors, is a Bacio and Thai Coconut Milk frappe. Seriously, in the time it took for the image to get from my phone to my computer via email I've finished it. It was GOOD. The best part about our frappes? They don't end in "-ccino." They don't contain any powdered milk or shelf-life-extending stabilizers or other assorted nonsense. They CAN, if you like, contain a shot of espresso for when you feel like your get up and go has got up and went. And since we're the cool kids out here on the west side...see those bottles peeking out over the frappe's left shoulder? Yeah...that's for the adults in the audience. We make frappes for big kids, we do. Jen's on the bar tonight, you should come say hi.

And it's definitely frappe weather. Have you looked outside? It is days like this when we're grateful for our floor-to-ceiling windows here at CapoPenn. And it's baseball season! BASEBALL. Takin' my mom to our first game of the year next Sunday. Go Phillies! Spring. Been done sprung.

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