Thursday, April 19, 2012

Officially a Philadelphian.

Okok...I've been living in Philly for a little over two years now. TWO YEARS! Constantly blown away by how fast the time has flown by, especially since I joined the CapoFamily pretty much as soon as I got here. And then my poor, busted up, hard-won, well-traveled Washington driver's license expired and, since I'm in desperate need of a passport for some impending travel this summer, I began dreading the process of trading in that license for a Pennsylvania version.

I say dreading for two very real reason: getting my Washington license was a nightmare. It took almost fifteen hours--FIFTEEN!--of sitting in a grungy (heh) Seattle DMV on three separate occasions. I had to take the driving test again. What am I, 15?! So there was that experience informing my mood. And (I'll tread delicately here) we at Capogiro are intimately familiar with the various...steps...that the very...detail-oriented...local government has in place to assure that local citizens and merchants are...diligently conforming to what must be...essential regulations. (Treading very delicately.)

I was braced for hours of sitting in a dingy plastic chair experiencing my butt going increasingly numb, is what I'm saying. I mean, c'mon. It's the DMV (ok, DOL) in an old school East Coast city. I was expecting to wait in innumerable lines getting boxes checked and Ts dotted and Is crossed. BUT NO. No, I tell you! It took half an hour! HALF AN HOUR! I'm sorry, I'm shouting. But I couldn't believe it! I still can't. I had no idea this city could ever move so quickly and efficiently. And friendily! (Might have created a new word there. Moving on!)

So, Philadelphia: thank you for making getting a driver's license quick, easy, and honestly entirely painless. Now I just have to wrap my head around the fact that I share state residency with Yinzers and Scrantonians and sundry Pennsyltuckians. I mean, this is Philly, right? Yo, I coulda sworn we were our own city-state.

Video time!

Yay Philadelphia in the spring. Yay for awesome bosses getting much-needed vacations. Yay marshmallow gelato. Yay things! (Yay being in a goofily good mood, too!)

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