Friday, April 29, 2011

Wawa: the reliability of mediocrity

So I woke up at a crap time this morning. Well, more like last night. 2:30. WHO wakes up at 2:30?! Stupid insomnia. Woke up hungry. HONGREEY. This has been happening pretty regularly over the winter--I'd wake up at some horrible time of night/morning desperately hungry for a snack and knowing that I had no recourse, condemned to lay awake for hours in a house devoid of food, arguing with a rumbling belly until I gave up and started going about my day.

OH WAIT, I thought last night. It's not winter anymore! I can hop on my bike and go to Wawa! Wawa's the sort of thing you never really appreciate until you don't have it anymore. Growing up in Delaware, I took Wawa for granted. It was always there, always open, always ready to provide me a deliciously mediocre meatball sub whenever it seemed necessary. Any hour of the day, and day of the week, any condition I may have been in...Wawa was there. (I actually stopped by Wawa for a sandwich after driving back from Baltimore after Thanksgiving Dinner at my sister's house.) Then I moved. No Wawas in Vermont. No Wawas in Seattle, either. (As an aside, Vermont doesn't really DO the 24-hour thing. It was actually a struggle to find anything open after 9:00, be it a grocery store, gas station, whatever. Rural America: "It's late and we really think you should be in bed.") Of course Seattle had 7-11s. We all know they don't cut it, no matter where they're located. Sure, they're always open. And sure, they have snacks and whatnot. They even sell beer--at least in those parts of the country not ferociously and infuriatingly beholden to Puritanical views of how, when, and where beer can be sold. But can you walk into a 7-11 at 3:00 in the morning and get a ten-inch meatball sub with pickles, black olives, extra provolone, and parmesan? Of course not. That's what Wawa's for. No Wawa, no joy.

Yes, Wawa is absolutely beholden to the metanational food producers (Monsanto, ADM, etc...yes, I just watched "Food Inc." Angried up my blood). Their stores are a vast sea of fractionated corn and soybeans, and I'd probably be sad to know just how many milligrams of sodium are in just one meatball (never mind the pickles). In a perfect world, when I woke up hungry at 2:30 this morning, I would have gone downstairs to my kitchen and eaten something more wholesome. All true, and all duly stipulated. But to be frank, wholesome isn't going to get you into that carbohydrate-fueled stupor necessary to get back to sleep.

So yes: I heart Wawa. They're never going to win any James Beard awards. They're a little bit responsible for both the embiggening of the Mid-Atlantic waistline and, you know, Mad Cow disease and algae blooms and aggressive E. Coli. and all that mess. But we live lives of compromise, and I slept GOOD last night after my late night lunch. If a little gassy.
Your Mom...
When my kids asked me what I would be if I were not a “gelato chef”, I responded ‘rock star’. My middle guy insisted, “No really mom, what would you be?”  I said, “ROCK. STAR". What part of ‘ROCK. STAR.’ caused confusion?” 
So yeah, I dream of wearing a red dress with matching lips and shaggy hair, ripping the guitar while belting it out PJ Harvey style.  But alas, I don an apron and crush nuts.  Not so bad.  I am happy and I reserve my rock star energy for other things.  
I hope you all have moms who are badasses.  They may be rocking or may be just like me, crushing nuts.  Whatever it may be, say I love you.  Maybe even buy her some gelato.

   Rock Star Mom Collection  

Mango Sorbetto – The best mangoes ever
Rhubard Sorbetto – Lancaster County’s first spring bounty
Mint Stracciatella – Local green house mint and bittersweet chocolate
Cioccolato Scuro – Nothing says I love you to your mom!
Pistacchio – Cause she’s nutty!  We know...
Espresso Sorbetto– Moms need caffeine.  LOTS of caffeine.

It is Spring in Philly!

I don't think you understand what it is like for us in the city of brotherly love. Living on a roller coaster. I moved here in 1988 (yes, I am old) and I remember telling a friend, "It does not snow in Philly." I never owned a proper winter coat. I always had some cute leather or tweedy jacket with a thin lining that looked great, but would crumple at any poor weather. It was fine, with the exception of rain or high wind. I did not own a woolen hat, umbrella or winter boots, unless I loved the way it looked. Summarily, it was about fashion. I could dress the way I preferred with out letting those pesky matters of protecting one's skin or extremities get in the way.

It must have been 1995 or early 1996 when this crazy blizzard hit. The city shut down. Nothing moved or functioned. John and I put on goggles and mismatched ski gear and waded through the snow to this little Belgium place down the street. The owners could not get home to the burbs and decided to stay open and feed the neighbors. We drank Hoegaarden with 6 or 7 of our neighbors. Communed at the bar, we hunched over our bowls of mussels and crisp fries while teasing jazz played and we laughed. Occasionally we looked outside as the snow pushed the limbs of the cherry trees downward.

Since that blizzard 15 years ago, our weather has changed. Snow is common and I now have a proper down coat with all the appropriate accessories. It is snowing on my block right at this moment!! I am not huddled in a cafe eating frittes (that cafe closed, but I now have The Belgian Cafe to get my mussel/beer/fry fix), I am dancing under the cherry blossoms. It's SPRING!!! The cherry blossoms are piling in the streets. Hugh drifts of pink pushed up against steps and covering cars. It's lovely.

Philly is a beautiful place in the spring. My farmer told me the strawberries are starting to show fruit and rhubarb will be here next week. Pinch me. Winter is done.

Thursday, April 28, 2011


Ok so you know how sometimes it's like this out

or like this?

Or you just had one of those nights?

But you know, in your heart of hearts, the only thing that will make you feel like this

is Capogiro? We gotchoo, guy. Delivery. Comin atcha. Sooner than you think.


Now your day is awesome.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Scooters and Rainbows

It's pouring outside! A virtual monsoon is coming down upon 20th Street. Cars are on the verge of drowning unfortunate pedestrians in tidal waves of murky street water. Animals are floating down the road, two by two. It's madness!! We have been forced to give away half a dozen trash bags to poor customers who have no other choice but to venture out in the deluge. A small child just constructed a very inventive helmet out of his mother's to-go plastic container. Outside there are hordes of poor souls who have given up trying to find shelter, and are just walking through the mire like really soggy zombies..

Because of the rain, one of our illustrious owners was forced to leave his Vespa here. I love his scooter and am envious that he gets to ride it around every day. Look at that rad Capogiro swirl on the back. It's beautiful! I'll admit, I harbor a secret jealousy towards all scooter owners, Vespas in particular, because EVERYONE looks cooler on a scooter. If I had a scooter, I would want one with a sidecar, so that I could look really cool whist simultaneously embarrassing my friends by making them ride astride. Maybe something like this:

The "I'm confused about my European heritage" model 2.0

Monday, April 25, 2011

Sanbitter: A love story

Often stared at by kids, Sanbitter's cute little bottles turn even the sternest old men into googly-eyed looky-lous. But don't be fooled by its tiny package, Sanbitter packs a powerful punch.

Sanbitter tastes like a slightly sweeter, carbonated Campari. Pour it over some ice and serve with a fresh slice of orange and the taste is incredible, albeit strong (I mean, come on, "bitter" is right in the name).

It's one of those things you just have to try once. And if you're lucky, you'll get hooked and wanna snag a little guy every time you're in the store. (Oh, and if you do get hooked, save the bottles. They make for excellent little flower holders).

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


WooHoo!! Finally, you have come, sweet Spring! We have all waited through a despicably long winter for you, and like a girlfriend trying on clothes, you have taken far too long. I don't know about the rest of you, but springtime always makes me get a little crazy. There's just something in the air, and everyone seems to be a bit twitterpated. Shorts get shorter, smiles get wider, and for some reason folks seem to make out in public a lot more. (I'm talking about you, iced latte couple!)

We love spring at Capogiro, and we are ready for it, with a vengeance. We're stocked to the brim with delicious gelato (MANGO IS BACK, Y'ALL!), iced cold drinks, scrumptious granita, and epic paninis. Speaking of which, you have to try our new grilled cheese panini, made to order however you want.

My perfect spring fantasy - sitting outside of Capo 20th Street with an iced red eye, a cup of Mexican Coffee and Bacio gelato, and a weathered copy of "Nine Stories". It's a perfect day for banana fish. Ok, maybe there would also be a very adorable spider monkey sitting on my shoulder playing a tiny ukulele... Bliss!

This is my garden. Well, it's actually the community garden next to my house but I get to walk out onto my porch and look at it every day so it is MINE.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Iced Coffee: The Best of the Best

A week doesn't go by working at Capogiro that a heavily accented Italian tourist doesn't remark on how wonderful our gelato is, often adding, "It's the best I've had in America," or even simply, "Its the best I've ever had!" And as nice as that is to hear from a Philly local, there's a special sense of achievement when someone from the birthplace of gelato tells you that you've not only done it right, but better.

But it's not only gelato. We work very hard to hold this standard of excellence to every product we sell. I mean seriously, what's the point of selling something if it's not the best? Our candy, our coffee, and our sandwiches are all the best. But don't just take it from me, ask Jenny, a Capogiro 13th regular and designer, who affirmed my suspicions yesterday.

All winter long Jenny's been a large, hot Red Eye type of girl, but over the past week as it's been getting warming she decided to switch it up a bit and get iced. The next day Jenny came back and was completely thrilled to tell me that it was not only the best iced coffee she had in Philly, but the best iced coffee she'd ever had. (Jenny's from New York, just FYI.) She asked me how we did it, and I told her that it's simple, we cold brew!

Normal iced coffee is just hot coffee that's thrown in the fridge. This often results in bitter, and all around bad tasting coffee. Cold brewing, however, relies on time, not heat, to transfer coffee flavor to the water, thus creating a truer coffee flavor.

As so it starts to warm up out there, why don't you treat yourself to the best there is to cool you down?

Monday, April 18, 2011

Cannot. Stop. Eating. MANGOES!

So yeah, yeah, it's mango season. It usually comes in like a lamb, then punches you in the face for a while, then out like a fart in church. Awful. It happens quickly and I never know when. When they first appear, I snatch a few. They are okay, nothing special. A week or two passes and then, BAM! it's the punch. I take an entire case home. I have a way of peeling, then slicing them quickly. I prefer to slice and peel two mangoes, because really, once I finish the first, I want another.

Yesterday was a good day. I finished up what I needed to do quickly, hung out with my Department of Ag inspector, met some friends for lunch and brought my son home some Tampopo. I worked on the computer and then I heard them calling just a few feet away. Just one, I thought. 4 mangoes later...FOUR! My stomach hurt and the self loathing crept in. How could this be? They are just mangoes. So what if I was so greedy? I did not eat an entire Entenmann's Devil's Food cake with Marshmallow icing straight from the box while watching re-runs of One Day at a Time. Don't feign ignorance, you know what I am talking about. Mangoes are healthy and can only make you smarter, so I have been told. I had to lay down and let the genius sink in.

Just at that moment, John walked through the door. "What are you doing? You okay?" I just groaned. He was so concerned that stepped over me and headed straight into the kitchen with a bag in his hand. I turned my head and watched him grab a big spoon and dig into something. He walked slowly back toward me eating straight from a pint. I looked like a snake that had just eaten an antelope. He stopped and look down at me. "Damn, the Mango Sorbetto is amazing. Would you like some?" I thought for a moment...."Yup."

Friday, April 15, 2011


Gonna pull out my soapbox today. Feelin' a little pedantic.

PARK YOUR DAMN CAR. Listen, let me point out clearly, proudly, and a little bit smugly that I haven't had a car in close to six years. Don't want it, don't need it. I lived in Seattle for five years before moving to Philadelphia, and they've got a decent bus system out there (and it is bus only, as subways in a seismically active area seem like a bad idea to most folks). But Philly? Philly has AMAZING public transit (for America). Stop laughing. I'm totally serious.

You've been on the subway. There's nothing wrong with admitting it. I enjoy the subway immensely. It's SO fast. SO direct. When I started with Capogiro I was living in Kensington (shudder) and working at 13th Street (whee!) and it was an unbelievably easy commute. Granted, there are drawbacks to the subway. There are a few stations which smell distinctly and reliably of bum pee; I won't try to argue otherwise. And apparently SEPTA thinks that no one has any reason to be out of the house after midnight. But subways are just cool. I had family visit from West Virginia last summer and they had a blast. I mean c'mon, it's this shiny train that tears along underground--and you're allowed to stand up! Favorite part of the subway? After Phillies wins. Everyone piles onto the BSL cheerful and drunk and sometimes a little sunburned and just generally happy and goofy. And then we all stumble into City Hall and irritate the commuters who had to work all day! LOVE IT.

Ah...trolleys. So quaint! Definitely a trolley guy now that I live in West Philly. Seriously, they're so old-fashioned in the greatest possible way. They're electric! And they run on rails! And they don't have steering wheels! Not so good for sight-seeing, but you know what? The plethora of individual seating on trolleys MORE than makes up for it. Had a moment a couple of weeks ago--was heading downtown to meet my peeps for our weekly manager meeting after a hideous night at work. It was an ugly, cold, drizzly morning. I was crazy-tired and more than a little cranky (still had the stitches in my hand). So I get on the trolley...there's an open single seat. I can sit all by myself. Plopped down, then my ipod decided it was a fortuitous time to play Velvet Underground's "Rock and Roll." PUT THAT ISH ON REPEAT, YO. Twenty minute sorta-nap later and I'm feeling way better. Could you have that commute in a car in this town? No. No you cannot. If nothing else, driving with your eyes closed is a poor idea. We would all appreciate it if you would drive with your eyes open.

Which leads us to...the bus. Don't you dare insult it. Call it the "loser cruiser," and you and I are gonna have words. The bus is humble. The bus is time-honored. The bus is iconic. Get on a bus at 5:30 in the afternoon and you'll realize how important it is to how many people. Like I said, Seattle was basically a bus-only town, so I'm intimately familiar with riding a city bus--the ins and outs, like it's okay (even expected) for the bus to be 10 minutes late, but two minutes early is inexcusable, or that... yes, ma'am. I may be tired as hell, but you're noticeably pregnant/old/more an old man than an old ma' can have my seat. And I'm going to give the stinkeye to all the people that you had to walk past to get to me, the one guy apparently who is going to give up his seat to someone who needs it more. And the bus truly, genuinely is a great way to see the city. Big windows. Leisurely pace. Relaxed attitude. When my friend from LA came to visit me in Seattle, he wanted to rent a car. (Los Angelenos. Sigh.) HELL to the no, I said. We're taking the bus all weekend. He was taken aback when I met him at the airport and walked him to the bus stop instead of the parking garage. Then one night we walked a block from my house...and caught a bus that dropped us off pretty much outside the door of the restaurant at which we had reservations. Had a CRAZY good dinner (Tom Douglas' Lola)...crossed the street, got back on the bus a little loaded, and rode home, cheerful, boisterous, totally commandeering the back of the bus. Great night. Respect the bus.

Since I've been in Philly's all about the bike. Anticipate a post on riding in Philly sooner than later: I am the guy that relieves stress by riding in traffic, though I know my friends think it equally odd and reckless. Got to go on a GREAT ride yesterday--had been holding off due to concern about how my recently repaired hand was going to hold up. I can happily report that the hand is fine. The butt...not so much. Totally to be expected.

And the TRAIN. OMG. I took AMTRAK fully across the country last year. Loved it. LOVED IT. Yeah, I'll post on that, too. But look...park the damn car. There are other easier, less stressful, differently-minded ways to get around this town.

Huh. Made it through all of that without mentioning sustainability or environmentalism, too. How 'bout that?

I just got a giant cat.

My pal Goofrald enjoying a nap.
I have always been a crazy cat-lady at heart. Over the five-or-so years I have lived in Philadelphia I have brought home numerous strays, only to find that they usually end up living with my parents in the country. I have adopted kittens that no one has the time to bottle feed, as well as just picking up hood-cats and running home with them. I really enjoy a good cat.
Recently I have been examining the need for a new pet in my life. I refuse to 'buy' animals, especially when I see so many fine furry friends in need of a good home all over this city. I had been really thinking about getting a dog when out of the blue my girlfriend asked me if I "Wanted a Maine Coon that someone was getting rid of."
I was pretty sure she was joking or mistaken at first, Maine Coon's are extremely expensive cats. A kitten can cost anywhere from several hundred to several thousand dollars. When one comes up for adoption, especially a kitten, it is usually scooped up instantly. As it turned out, my girlfriend (who works at a veterinary hospital) had met a man who was bringing the cat in to get a rabies vaccination before he returned it to the ASPCA. His wife didn't like how the cat jumped up on her lap and wanted to sit on her....... SERIOUSLY!?
To make a somewhat long story short I begged for the cat and that night he was driven down to Philly where I got to meet him. Not only is he a Maine Coon, but his coloring is very unusual. Often the cats are depicted as being white/silver/black, but as I discovered the breed comes in any color imaginable, my guy happens to be white and orange. Besides his unusual coloring he also happens to have the most amazing disposition and personality out of the some 50 cat's I have had in my entire life. "My cat is just like a dog." Is all I can keep thinking to myself. I can't wait to take him for walks in the park all summer long.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Bury my heart at busted knee

So... I love to dance. LOVE IT. I love to dance so much that I danced myself into a frenzy a few nights ago and ended up seriously injuring my knee. Now, I am walking around in a giant, not-so-fashionable knee brace, and have been outfitted with some snazzy crutches. This has made me learn a few key things. Number one, no matter how much the rhythm moves you, stay aware of the the natural limits of your limbs and joints. Otherwise, it's snap, crackle, pop, and you're on the ground. Number two, no one finds whimpering and crying attractive, so either buck up or shut up (Ok, I did not do this, I wailed like a child). Number three, when going to the ER, don't worry about looking classy. Go there in sweat pants and slippers, they're easier to take off.

Luckily, despite of my injury, I'm back to work. Capogiro 20th Street is remarkably handicapped-accessible. No stairs, moats, or wobbly bridges to get across. I'm finding that I'm hobbling around quite nicely behind the bar. You should come on down and check out my amazing crutch skills. Soon I'm going to try to spin plates on them whilst balancing my one good leg on the back of a very small bear. It's going to be amazing.

Mega-Bad Movie Night

When my son (now 12) was between the ages of 1 and 5, he was obsessed with dinosaurs. He would carry two plastic dinosaurs with him at all times. He stuffed them in his pockets, placed them next to his dinosaur dinner plate at meal times, accompanied him in the bath and slept with them in clenched fists.. I spent a good part of my young mother life wandering, not aimlessly, around the Academy of Natural Sciences. We started at the main hall and spent some time in front of the blue screen that would transport you visually to prehistoric times. Manny would have this serious look on his face as he gazed up at his projected image while T-Rex and his pals would walk past him like he was not even in the jungle with them. Rude. We moved on to the "dig". Manny would lord over his siblings and peers directing them not to bang the dinosaur fossils, but to gently work their picks and brushes. After spending 30 to 40 minutes digging, we continued to the upstairs fossils (he knew every name, every type) and then always to the butterfly room (always a nice place). We ended our tour in the gift shop where he was allowed ONE plastic dinosaur or book. He always had a problem handing over the existing sweaty dinosaurs to me prior to entering the shop. Not that his not-so-gently used toys could be mistaken for the sharper new versions, but it was always safer for me. I got caught shoplifting a $9 barret when I was 14 and nearly died of humiliation. Stealing was not for me. It still makes my stomach drop just thinking about being caught and my parents called.
Quite the lesson...but I digress.

Back on point - It's 2011. Manny has moved his obsession from dinosaurs to soccer, but still enjoys the occasional science program about dinosaurs. When I suggested that we go to the Academy for movie night, he was excited. When I told him that it was for Mega-Bad Movie Night for a screening of Mega Pirana, he was really excited. I went to sign up. It seems that you have to be at least 18 to attend and they serve beer. Sorry Manu. Another time.

I highly recommend Mega Pirana at the Academy. Dan attends. They serve beer and "snacks" and the commentary is similar to Science Theater 2000. Sometimes Philly is brilliant.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pictures! We love em!

Was going through my phone this morning and realized I'd accumulated a few pretty great shots from the cafes that I should probably share...more to come....everyone gets increasingly photogenic as it gets warmer, did you know??

Ted bein fancy. He's always fancy.

Perks of bein a morning person...early morning outside Penn.



What'd I tell ya Joe? Just when you least expected it...mwahahaa!

Please don't hesitate to share your Capo pictures with us! Even though mine are so awesome, I bet y'all have some clutch shots.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Newfound (spicy) GLORY.

You know those warm cushy I-looove-the-world feelings you start getting when you're falling in love? Maybe your toes twinkle, or you're super generous, or you feel like you can give everyone heartfelt advice on life... Yeah? No? Whatever. Last week I began HAVING those feelings. Pretty much out of nowhere. Don't judge me. I'll do my best to explain.
Now before I go any further, I just want to state that I have a wonderful significant other in my life, who I love very much. But we put honesty pretty high up there in our relationship and I'm thinking I need to come clean (proooobably today or tomorrow) about what's going on.
Serious stuff right?! Alright, I think the best thing to do is just be straightforward with you and come right out with it. I've fallen for the chorizo panino! Fallen hard. No joke. I had it two weeks ago as an afternoon snack and was quite pleased. On Tuesday I had the chorizo for lunch and I wished I could have sat for an hour and savored the flavors. On Thursday I tried waiting but I just couldn't. I had the chorizo for breakfast. Breakfast! Melted Muenster cheese, roasted red peppers, deliciously spicy slices of chorizo... heaven. Now I'm not one to jump into things unless I have a REALLY good feeling about the situation and I'm happy to say that I have jumped in. Head first.
This is one love that I don't think I'll mind sharing, so long as you give me notice so I can prepare a chorizo for you if need be. I might as well prep ten a day, cause I plan to spread the good news, and I started with you. Lucky duck!

My ode to Rebecca Black

Nine AM, biking to work in the morning
Gotta' be fresh, gotta wash those hands
Gotta make my bowl, gotta' make some oats
Seein' everything, Capo time in the morn'
Tickin' on and on, everybody's rushin'
Gotta' get down to the Radian
Gotta' catch their cab, I see Pennmen

Textin' at the counter
Textin' at their tables
Gotta' compose this text
Which text shall they make?

It's Capo, Giro
H&H bagels at Capo
Everybody's lookin' forward to the cream cheese, cream cheese
Capo, Giro
Orderin' lattes at Capo
Everybody's lookin' forward to milk foam

Scuroin', scuroin' (Yeah)
Fiorin', fiorin' (Yeah)
Scoop, scoop, scoop, scoop
Lookin' forward to the picolo

12:45, pressin' panini on the grill
Grillin' so fast, I want the mozz to melt
Ciabata bun, think about bun
You know what it is
I got mozz, you got pesto
Miles is by my right, ay
I got ham, you got pickles
Now you can yordle it

Foamin' on the steam wand
Pourin' a nice rosetta
Gotta' make cappuccino
Which milk would you like?

It's Capo, Giro
Gotta' scoop lots of gelato
Everybody's lookin' forward to the lattes, lattes
Capo, Giro
Makin' grilled cheese at Capo
Everybody's drinking their affogatos for here

Scuroin', scuroin' (Yeah)
Fiorin', fiorin' (Yeah)
Scoop, scoop, scoop, scoop
Lookin' forward to the medio

(Yeah, I know this song is old news, but it has literally been stuck in my head for almost a month and this version of the song is basically what is going through my head every single day.)


Dogs, I really really REALLY love dogs. There have been some dog related posts made here lately and I just wanted to take the time out to think about these fuzzy little men and women who love to make us love.
One of the best thing about working on Passyunk Ave. is the constant parade of doggies. Big, small, fat, hungry, smelly and awesome fuzzy wuzzy pals that peek there heads into the store day in and day out (probably trying to figure out how to eat the bacon we're cooking). My favorite interaction with people stopping on by for some dessert with a pup is when I get the go-ahead to give their little guys a good pet (and usually a few kisses as well, I really don't mind when people's pet's try to slip me some tongue!). Getting to make some new furry friends here and there is a pretty sweet job perk.
The only thing more fun than meeting all of South Philly's canine residents is being given the opportunity to watch them have a go at some gelato. Have you ever seen a dog eat ice cream? O.K. But have you EVER seen a dog eat GELATO?? It's AWESOME! Maybe it's the warmer serving temperature, maybe it's just the fact that our gelato rules but puppies loooovvveeeeee it! I've seen a pit bull eat lemon sorbetto and then promptly slobber it all over a toddlers face. TOP THAT!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

On Online Dating

Capogiro 20th Street is a hot spot for date night. We get it, we're a sexy place to go, whether you just finished dinner with your wife of 20 years or if you just aren't sure you're ready to take a stranger home but don't need to get any drunker. Either way works for us, we will help you end your evening in delicious style.

Recently we have experienced a peak in the number of people who come in with dates they have met online. There are a myriad of dating sites now, for any imaginable persuasion whether it be gay, straight, hipster, Jewish, gold digger, furry, etc. We even have a few customers (men, of course), who make 20th Street their home base of online dating, and can be seen here at least three nights a week with different girls. Kinda creepy, but hey, who are we to judge? One guy was kinda pervy though, so we ruined his game the last time he came in by asking him if he'd gotten his test results from the free clinic back yet (don't hate, we were doing that girl a FAVOR).

I'll admit, I have an OkCupid account and have gone on a couple dates. While none of them have been complete train wrecks (unlike a colleague of mine who shall remain nameless), I have yet to have any really awesome expereinces. One girl was a definite no when she yelled at our Middle Eastern cab driver and then said it was ok because, "it's not like they're REAL people." Winner.

Online dating certainly has it's upsides, however. It does kind of help you out in the selection process, because you can stalk girls without seeming weird, and you can tell if they are moderately attractive and/or inbred. You can also separate the wheat from the chaff by blocking anyone who messages you with a "ur cute :)", "my husband and I are looking for a playmate", or "I'm really hanging on by a thread here - please write back..."

What do you all think of online dating, totally geeky or love - future style?

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

An Ode to Dan

This is Dan. Dantheawesome. I am thankful for everyday that this man comes in to work, smirk on his face and some outrageous comment brewing. I think we should all appreciate his amazingness. He is an awesome chef, loves metal, can build a computer, has an awesome smart fiance, and is one of the funniest, sickest individuals I have ever met.

I almost did not hire Dan. He came in for an interview and our kitchen manager at the time met with him. His hair was dyed black black black and I seem to remember that he had black finger nail polish. He swears this is not the case. He does not lie and I have no idea why I think this. His eyes were red and he looked sad. Toby, our manager, swore he was a great guy, very sweet and hired him. Okay, but was he stoned? His eyes were red. I did not have a good feeling.

He started working. He was quiet. He was prompt. He was very capable. His eyes were red. I would sniff around him. Goth is fine, but stoned at work is not. I decided I would confront him. He came into work that morning wearing glasses. His eyes were not red. I asked. He was having problems with his contacts. Wow. I am an ass. Did he act high? No. Was he nothing but professional? Yup. It seems I am just an old fart and so very wrong.

Soon thereafter, Toby went on to become a farmer and Dan stepped into her shoes. Toby was amazing and these were big shoes to fill. Besides, I wanted to have fun while in the kitchen and Dan was up for the task. He breaks the monotony with a leedle, leedle, leedle and taps his feet while he works. He can get a little violent with throwing stuff at people, but you must take the good with the bad.

So this week should be Dan Appreciation Week. I will bestow on him Bomba rice and pizza dough. May his grill always light and burn super hot and may his gamer account never go dark. Thank you Dan. You are the awesomest.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Little Flower Marshmallows

After selling out in record time last month, Little Flower marsh mallows are back at 13th street!!

Vanilla, Cinnamon, Coffee, or Chocolate they ALL amazing.

Have you tried Little Flower marshmallows yet?

Friday, April 1, 2011

Rain, just go away.

Lately I feel as if every time I step foot out the door I am greeted with freezing rain and uncomfortable temperatures. With the re-opening of our Passyunk location I just assumed that the cold would vanish and the sun would smile upon all of Philadelphia for another season. I'm clearly a little too much of a romantic.

Our customers have been AWESOME about braving the "not-so-summer" weather for pints and pints of gelato, but these aren't your average people and I wouldn't expect anything less. It takes a pretty rad man/woman/child to stop by every afternoon to grab a cone of thai coconut milk even as the weather teeters on dreadful.
In my anger at the lousy weather I have been able to find a soothing calm at the fact that our customers, neighbors and friends have been so supportive. So I'll take a step back and let summer happen whenever it's good and ready, for now I'll just enjoy the company of Passyunk Ave.

For now, just enjoy this.


I can't stop listening to this song.

Kinda don't wanna stop, either. Feeling oddly into the 80s lately. MAN, that's some good pop. Interestingly, I'd never even heard of The (English) Beat until...well, until I heard Phish cover "Mirror in the Bathroom." (Yes, there are several of you rolling your eyes now. Jerks.)

The irony is that when I was most deeply into Phish--multiple shows on every tour, regardless of season or financial wherewithal--I'd sternly avow that pop music interested me not at all. If it wasn't a forty minute long "Runaway Jim" or a four song second set, it wouldn't hold my interest. I was hardly listening to any studio-produced music at all, save for albums like Herbie Hancock's "Headhunters." But then...I dunno. I still listen to Phish et al. all the time (fair warning: I give it about a 13% chance that I'll serendipitously decide to quit my job this summer and go back out on tour). And really, if you ask the crew at CapoPenn they'll probably tell you that my go-to music these days is hip-hop.

But somewhere in the last few years, I started really getting into straight-forward pop music again. If it's any kind of illumination, my first three albums (on cassette!) were "Thriller," "Piano Man," and "Born in the U.S.A." I remember spending Saturday mornings in my bedroom in West Virginia doing whatever homework third-graders do and listening to Casey Kasem's Top 40 countdown. What were the songs like? Man..."I Think We're Alone Now?" "Dancing on the Ceiling?" "Electric Avenue?" Yeah...definitely "Electric Avenue."

That's some funky stuff right there. Somewhere along the line though, I stopped listening to the radio. I mean, we all did, right? The only--and I mean the ONLY--reason I turn on terrestrial radio anymore is for NPR. (Quick caveat--it used to be, when I came back to visit Delaware or Philly after moving away that the first thing I'd do when I got in a car was turn on KYW1060. It was more about nostalgia than about being informed. Who's ever actually felt MORE informed for listening to KYW?) Don't get me wrong. I'm always listening to something, though I'm most likely to be listening to a podcast. Life without an ipod is no longer a life I want to lead.

So anyway. Kinda needlessly rambling. The that "Save It For Later" is an old song I've only recently gotten to know. So you should take a few minutes out of your Friday afternoon and bump it a little. Maybe follow it up with this one, just for kicks: