Wednesday, April 6, 2011

On Online Dating

Capogiro 20th Street is a hot spot for date night. We get it, we're a sexy place to go, whether you just finished dinner with your wife of 20 years or if you just aren't sure you're ready to take a stranger home but don't need to get any drunker. Either way works for us, we will help you end your evening in delicious style.

Recently we have experienced a peak in the number of people who come in with dates they have met online. There are a myriad of dating sites now, for any imaginable persuasion whether it be gay, straight, hipster, Jewish, gold digger, furry, etc. We even have a few customers (men, of course), who make 20th Street their home base of online dating, and can be seen here at least three nights a week with different girls. Kinda creepy, but hey, who are we to judge? One guy was kinda pervy though, so we ruined his game the last time he came in by asking him if he'd gotten his test results from the free clinic back yet (don't hate, we were doing that girl a FAVOR).

I'll admit, I have an OkCupid account and have gone on a couple dates. While none of them have been complete train wrecks (unlike a colleague of mine who shall remain nameless), I have yet to have any really awesome expereinces. One girl was a definite no when she yelled at our Middle Eastern cab driver and then said it was ok because, "it's not like they're REAL people." Winner.

Online dating certainly has it's upsides, however. It does kind of help you out in the selection process, because you can stalk girls without seeming weird, and you can tell if they are moderately attractive and/or inbred. You can also separate the wheat from the chaff by blocking anyone who messages you with a "ur cute :)", "my husband and I are looking for a playmate", or "I'm really hanging on by a thread here - please write back..."

What do you all think of online dating, totally geeky or love - future style?

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