Friday, April 29, 2011

It is Spring in Philly!

I don't think you understand what it is like for us in the city of brotherly love. Living on a roller coaster. I moved here in 1988 (yes, I am old) and I remember telling a friend, "It does not snow in Philly." I never owned a proper winter coat. I always had some cute leather or tweedy jacket with a thin lining that looked great, but would crumple at any poor weather. It was fine, with the exception of rain or high wind. I did not own a woolen hat, umbrella or winter boots, unless I loved the way it looked. Summarily, it was about fashion. I could dress the way I preferred with out letting those pesky matters of protecting one's skin or extremities get in the way.

It must have been 1995 or early 1996 when this crazy blizzard hit. The city shut down. Nothing moved or functioned. John and I put on goggles and mismatched ski gear and waded through the snow to this little Belgium place down the street. The owners could not get home to the burbs and decided to stay open and feed the neighbors. We drank Hoegaarden with 6 or 7 of our neighbors. Communed at the bar, we hunched over our bowls of mussels and crisp fries while teasing jazz played and we laughed. Occasionally we looked outside as the snow pushed the limbs of the cherry trees downward.

Since that blizzard 15 years ago, our weather has changed. Snow is common and I now have a proper down coat with all the appropriate accessories. It is snowing on my block right at this moment!! I am not huddled in a cafe eating frittes (that cafe closed, but I now have The Belgian Cafe to get my mussel/beer/fry fix), I am dancing under the cherry blossoms. It's SPRING!!! The cherry blossoms are piling in the streets. Hugh drifts of pink pushed up against steps and covering cars. It's lovely.

Philly is a beautiful place in the spring. My farmer told me the strawberries are starting to show fruit and rhubarb will be here next week. Pinch me. Winter is done.

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