Friday, April 29, 2011

Your Mom...
When my kids asked me what I would be if I were not a “gelato chef”, I responded ‘rock star’. My middle guy insisted, “No really mom, what would you be?”  I said, “ROCK. STAR". What part of ‘ROCK. STAR.’ caused confusion?” 
So yeah, I dream of wearing a red dress with matching lips and shaggy hair, ripping the guitar while belting it out PJ Harvey style.  But alas, I don an apron and crush nuts.  Not so bad.  I am happy and I reserve my rock star energy for other things.  
I hope you all have moms who are badasses.  They may be rocking or may be just like me, crushing nuts.  Whatever it may be, say I love you.  Maybe even buy her some gelato.

   Rock Star Mom Collection  

Mango Sorbetto – The best mangoes ever
Rhubard Sorbetto – Lancaster County’s first spring bounty
Mint Stracciatella – Local green house mint and bittersweet chocolate
Cioccolato Scuro – Nothing says I love you to your mom!
Pistacchio – Cause she’s nutty!  We know...
Espresso Sorbetto– Moms need caffeine.  LOTS of caffeine.

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