Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Scooters and Rainbows

It's pouring outside! A virtual monsoon is coming down upon 20th Street. Cars are on the verge of drowning unfortunate pedestrians in tidal waves of murky street water. Animals are floating down the road, two by two. It's madness!! We have been forced to give away half a dozen trash bags to poor customers who have no other choice but to venture out in the deluge. A small child just constructed a very inventive helmet out of his mother's to-go plastic container. Outside there are hordes of poor souls who have given up trying to find shelter, and are just walking through the mire like really soggy zombies..

Because of the rain, one of our illustrious owners was forced to leave his Vespa here. I love his scooter and am envious that he gets to ride it around every day. Look at that rad Capogiro swirl on the back. It's beautiful! I'll admit, I harbor a secret jealousy towards all scooter owners, Vespas in particular, because EVERYONE looks cooler on a scooter. If I had a scooter, I would want one with a sidecar, so that I could look really cool whist simultaneously embarrassing my friends by making them ride astride. Maybe something like this:

The "I'm confused about my European heritage" model 2.0

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