Monday, April 18, 2011

Cannot. Stop. Eating. MANGOES!

So yeah, yeah, it's mango season. It usually comes in like a lamb, then punches you in the face for a while, then out like a fart in church. Awful. It happens quickly and I never know when. When they first appear, I snatch a few. They are okay, nothing special. A week or two passes and then, BAM! it's the punch. I take an entire case home. I have a way of peeling, then slicing them quickly. I prefer to slice and peel two mangoes, because really, once I finish the first, I want another.

Yesterday was a good day. I finished up what I needed to do quickly, hung out with my Department of Ag inspector, met some friends for lunch and brought my son home some Tampopo. I worked on the computer and then I heard them calling just a few feet away. Just one, I thought. 4 mangoes later...FOUR! My stomach hurt and the self loathing crept in. How could this be? They are just mangoes. So what if I was so greedy? I did not eat an entire Entenmann's Devil's Food cake with Marshmallow icing straight from the box while watching re-runs of One Day at a Time. Don't feign ignorance, you know what I am talking about. Mangoes are healthy and can only make you smarter, so I have been told. I had to lay down and let the genius sink in.

Just at that moment, John walked through the door. "What are you doing? You okay?" I just groaned. He was so concerned that stepped over me and headed straight into the kitchen with a bag in his hand. I turned my head and watched him grab a big spoon and dig into something. He walked slowly back toward me eating straight from a pint. I looked like a snake that had just eaten an antelope. He stopped and look down at me. "Damn, the Mango Sorbetto is amazing. Would you like some?" I thought for a moment...."Yup."

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