Wednesday, April 20, 2011


WooHoo!! Finally, you have come, sweet Spring! We have all waited through a despicably long winter for you, and like a girlfriend trying on clothes, you have taken far too long. I don't know about the rest of you, but springtime always makes me get a little crazy. There's just something in the air, and everyone seems to be a bit twitterpated. Shorts get shorter, smiles get wider, and for some reason folks seem to make out in public a lot more. (I'm talking about you, iced latte couple!)

We love spring at Capogiro, and we are ready for it, with a vengeance. We're stocked to the brim with delicious gelato (MANGO IS BACK, Y'ALL!), iced cold drinks, scrumptious granita, and epic paninis. Speaking of which, you have to try our new grilled cheese panini, made to order however you want.

My perfect spring fantasy - sitting outside of Capo 20th Street with an iced red eye, a cup of Mexican Coffee and Bacio gelato, and a weathered copy of "Nine Stories". It's a perfect day for banana fish. Ok, maybe there would also be a very adorable spider monkey sitting on my shoulder playing a tiny ukulele... Bliss!

This is my garden. Well, it's actually the community garden next to my house but I get to walk out onto my porch and look at it every day so it is MINE.

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