Friday, April 8, 2011


Dogs, I really really REALLY love dogs. There have been some dog related posts made here lately and I just wanted to take the time out to think about these fuzzy little men and women who love to make us love.
One of the best thing about working on Passyunk Ave. is the constant parade of doggies. Big, small, fat, hungry, smelly and awesome fuzzy wuzzy pals that peek there heads into the store day in and day out (probably trying to figure out how to eat the bacon we're cooking). My favorite interaction with people stopping on by for some dessert with a pup is when I get the go-ahead to give their little guys a good pet (and usually a few kisses as well, I really don't mind when people's pet's try to slip me some tongue!). Getting to make some new furry friends here and there is a pretty sweet job perk.
The only thing more fun than meeting all of South Philly's canine residents is being given the opportunity to watch them have a go at some gelato. Have you ever seen a dog eat ice cream? O.K. But have you EVER seen a dog eat GELATO?? It's AWESOME! Maybe it's the warmer serving temperature, maybe it's just the fact that our gelato rules but puppies loooovvveeeeee it! I've seen a pit bull eat lemon sorbetto and then promptly slobber it all over a toddlers face. TOP THAT!

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