Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mega-Bad Movie Night

When my son (now 12) was between the ages of 1 and 5, he was obsessed with dinosaurs. He would carry two plastic dinosaurs with him at all times. He stuffed them in his pockets, placed them next to his dinosaur dinner plate at meal times, accompanied him in the bath and slept with them in clenched fists.. I spent a good part of my young mother life wandering, not aimlessly, around the Academy of Natural Sciences. We started at the main hall and spent some time in front of the blue screen that would transport you visually to prehistoric times. Manny would have this serious look on his face as he gazed up at his projected image while T-Rex and his pals would walk past him like he was not even in the jungle with them. Rude. We moved on to the "dig". Manny would lord over his siblings and peers directing them not to bang the dinosaur fossils, but to gently work their picks and brushes. After spending 30 to 40 minutes digging, we continued to the upstairs fossils (he knew every name, every type) and then always to the butterfly room (always a nice place). We ended our tour in the gift shop where he was allowed ONE plastic dinosaur or book. He always had a problem handing over the existing sweaty dinosaurs to me prior to entering the shop. Not that his not-so-gently used toys could be mistaken for the sharper new versions, but it was always safer for me. I got caught shoplifting a $9 barret when I was 14 and nearly died of humiliation. Stealing was not for me. It still makes my stomach drop just thinking about being caught and my parents called.
Quite the lesson...but I digress.

Back on point - It's 2011. Manny has moved his obsession from dinosaurs to soccer, but still enjoys the occasional science program about dinosaurs. When I suggested that we go to the Academy for movie night, he was excited. When I told him that it was for Mega-Bad Movie Night for a screening of Mega Pirana, he was really excited. I went to sign up. It seems that you have to be at least 18 to attend and they serve beer. Sorry Manu. Another time.

I highly recommend Mega Pirana at the Academy. Dan attends. They serve beer and "snacks" and the commentary is similar to Science Theater 2000. Sometimes Philly is brilliant.

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