Tuesday, August 30, 2011

To Our Regulars...

Lights of our lives!

We see you on the daily. In the morning, around lunchtime, after dinner, and sometimes even riiiight before bed.

If you're at Capogiro more than once a week, or better yet, more than once a day, you've earned that coveted title and you should be proud of it! We want to shout out - radio dj style - to all of the familiar faces that help make our day.

We appreciate your patience, your smiles, your quirks and your quick wits. We love that many of you know and greet us by our names. We we love meeting your kids, your spouses, your friends, and your 'special friends'.
We love being the first people you talk to in the morning, the ones who relieve you from the office with toasty panini in the afternoon, the ones who chat with you on an iced coffee break, and the ones who help you satisfy that sweet tooth (I mean, calcium and vitamin D craving obviously) before or after dinner. Or both. No shame in having dessert first OR twice. You're a rock star.

Linda, Sam, Charlie, Charlotte, Tim, Sarah, Chris, Jordan, Michael, Susan, Brian, Julie, Bob, Kiwi Lady, Elliott, John, and so many more... you're awesome! We love you! And above all else, thank you! We wouldn't be here without folks like you :)

1 comment:

  1. Holler! 13th St regulars are probably what I miss most now that I'm not working there. Well, that and the other baristi. And the coffee. And the gelato. And... most stuff, really. But DEFINITELY the awesome regulars.