Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dear Sky, We're Not Really Thirsty Anymore. Looooooove Philadelphia!

Been around anytime over the last week? It's been damp. Sometimes it's misty or sprinkling, sometimes it's steadily rainy, and sometimes it's ga-zillions of 4 ounce drops of rain pelting and soaking everything in sight. Now don't get me wrong, I actually really love rain - and weather in general, but many Philadelphians harbor a ridiculous fear-related aversion to being touched by the stuff, and won't step out of their homes, offices, schools, etc during a storm lest they become a smidge... wet.

This weekend's storms brought some serious rainfall to our coast. That radar image of Sunday's storm was a littttttle scary, and some unusual spots flooded, like the Broad St ramp off I-95, with that poor cabby stuck in it. Severe thunderstorm watches and crazy flood warnings always incite a bit of alarm, however most of Philadelphia survived just fine (though the PWD had a good deal of sewer drain cleaning to do Monday morning).
Anyways, we've hit mid-August (Sorry! It's the truth.) and frankly, I'd love to enjoy as many more sweet late summer days as possible. Rain doesn't technically stop anyone from enjoying their day, but it does tend to alter plans... SO, fat cloudy rain clouds, please move out to sea, and rain on the water. Swing by anywhere that's undergoing a drought, too, they'd appreciate if you shared.

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