Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Red Currant, I Adore You

Red Currants have descended upon us! While some people approach the lovely pink sorbetto with hesitation (because of its stunning beauty of course), we seasoned Capogiro-ians approach it with open arms, hearts, mouths... etc.

A beautiful hue of red, and cute as a bunch of spherical buttons, red currants yield a delicate and surprisingly delicious flavor. The currant fruit grows on a bush, and as summer progresses, the berries mature into their tart flavor with a hint of sweetness. Not just for sorbetto, you may be familiar with currants in non-Capogiro dishes such as jams, salads, garnishes, or drinks when in season. How versatile of the currant!

Are they good for you? Yep :) Black currant is more traditionally associated with medicinal uses, but many herbalists consider red currant berries to have fever-reducing, sweat-inducing, astringent, appetite increasing, diuretic and digestive properties, and more. The added plus of high levels of vitamin C, fruit acids, and fiber make currants a solid addition to your diet, sorbet form included!

A short season (you're used to this by now, no?) means get out that door and high tail it to Capo. Red currant sorbetto will boost your health AND slap a smile on that darling face of yours ;)

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