Friday, August 19, 2011


So you know how we REALLY like to pair with cool local people doing cool local things? We're up to shenanigans again! We can happily say that we're going to be making gelato with some of the mostest specialest local honey around, gifted to us by Daniel Duffy. Daniel's been maintaining a community apiary at the Woodland Cemetery with the help of some local kids, which is definitely the sort of thing we can get behind. (Here's a link! You'll have to cut and paste, because I'm less HTML savvy than your average dim-witted four year old:

So the honey...totally raw. Murky. Funky. Got some mint going on (what are these bees eating, anyway?) In the interest of full disclosure, I'm...kinda not a honey afficionado. But Sarah's pretty agog over the stuff, so it must be good. Sarah's got reasonably good taste. And it'll be here Saturday! Like, maƱana! It's part of the Sustainable Saturdays gig in West Philadelphia, which is another thing that makes West Philly FAR cooler than South Philly or Fishtown or wherever you ersatz trendsetters think is cool these days. And before you ask (I can see some of you fixing to raise your hands already), we're not going to be mucking it up with any rosemary or goat's milk. Of COURSE the rosemary/honey/goat's milk is one of the mind-blowingest gelati that we make. Everyone loves it, and rightly so. But this's got layers, man. There's some stuff going on in there. We don't want to mask any of that. It'd just be gilding the lily. So just our famous milk paired with some awesome honey.

So tomorrow! Come say hi on the west side! And Daniel, we're saving you a pint! Thanks about a mason jar-full!

And what the hey, seems like as good a reason as any to post this:

Have a good weekend everyone!

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