Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Shake Shake Shake....

Nope, not a frappe... I'm talking about Philadelphia!

It's not every Tuesday that an earthquake is felt along the East Coast. Heck, it's not even every decade. While all Capogiro stores are on ground level, we were still acutely aware of our lights, tables, and computer monitors rocking, and a gentle yet sort of alarming rumbling. What caused it? A 5.8 magnitude earthquake in Virginia! How COOL?!

Social media was INcredible today. The speed at which quake-related tweets, check-in's, and Facebook posts appeared was insane. Excitement, disbelief, and a wee bit of fear sum the mood well. Sarah and I were sitting in the office for a moment when the quake was felt, and at first, we brushed the rumbling off as a big truck passing on the street above. As things continued to rumble, Sarah's eyes grew larger and she suggested (with some urgency) that we leave the office lest we be buried alive in it.

Little to no damage occurred in our area, though the folks in Virginia (such as our Dear Kristin's parents!) felt a longer, more feather-ruffling shake. Upon learning that we had just experienced an earthquake - especially one of a respectable magnitude - I must admit I was more excited than concerned. I majored in geology in college, and could only imagine and envy the excitement an East coast quake would have sparked in classes.

Anyways, we hope you're all well. Plenty of folks celebrated their work-free afternoons with us :) Aftershocks or not, we're here for ya :)

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