Thursday, August 25, 2011

Free Panna.

If I've heard it once then I have heard it fifty-billion times, "What the heck is Panna??" Seeing as I come from a background of people who are completely ignorant of all things Italian I can understand the confusion.
All of our stores, in one fashion or another, advertise 'Free Panna'. I suppose the combined mystery of a foreign word accompanied by 'Free' will tend to make many a Gent or Lady quite the curious cat. I have spent years explaining what exactly panna is (I feel like I'm being a little dramatic since it takes about three seconds to explain)so for a change I would like to list some things that 'panna' is not:

-a candy
-any type of clothes
-a relative
-a slang word

-a cone
-a spaceship
-a drink

I really needed to write that down, because I'm pretty sure on one occasion or another at least one person may have thought that 'panna' was one or more of those things. If you still are unsure of what exactly 'panna' is, take a look at this:

Stay dry and creamy this weekend!

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